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First Harvest

Pitifully small and shockingly late, I had my first harvest yesterday.  I picked two small 8-ball zuchinnis which were promptly sauteed in a little olive oil and happily eaten.   They were excellent- I do love that variety so very much.

Things are finally turning into summer around here, though we are still having 60s in the evenings (even got down to 50-something last week!).  Cool weather isn’t so bad as long as we are seeing sun, and we’ve had some beautiful sunny days recently.  Hopefully that will crank everything into high-growing gear.  My cukes and eggplants are shockingly tiny, and I have only three little sad okra plants that are barely hanging on.  I fully expect them to die at any moment.

The only thing that’s been loving this weather are my potatoes, which are doing great.  (Well, at least I think so- I’ve never grown them before!)  So far I’ve been lucky to avoid late blight, which is taking a toll on lots of people right now, even some of my neighbors.   I did have to pull off a few leaves which were getting eaten down by Colorado Potato Beetle larvae.  I’ve heard that some other farms around us are having pretty bad infestations, so I feel pretty lucky that what I’ve seen in mild.  I’m told that nothing they are attracted to has been growing up on my hill in a few years, so maybe that’s why, but I don’t really care, honestly!   I’m just happy not to see many of them, not in the least because they are the nastiest looking bugs ever.  I literally did the heebie-jeebie dance after I pulled of a few leaves.  I don’t get grossed out by bugs very often, but yikes. 

For those of you that have been suffering through this bleak summer, I hope everything is growing well for you!


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Phelan linked to this great service, The Farmer’s Garden, on her blog and it looks awesome.  It’s a way to see if there are any farms or gardens around you that have surplus they are selling or bartering.  Sadly, there isn’t anything within 100 miles of me yet, but this seems like the kind of thing that will only work if lots of people use it.  So sign up!  Tell your friends!

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