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Where is summer?

June 21 is the Summer Solstice- the longest day of the year and surely-SURELY- the official harbinger of summer, right?  Well, Massachusetts doesn’t seem to have gotten the message this year.  This is, by far, one of the gloomiest Junes I have ever experienced.  I don’t think we’ve had more than one day where it has been over 70 degrees.  The sun has been shy but the rain hasn’t.  I feel like I’m in Scotland.  Everything is damp and cool, including the soil in my garden.  I lost about half of my Okra plants- not sure if they weather had anything to do with it, but they looked great last weekend.  Everything seems to be growing slowly, slowly, slowly. 

I’m just so eager for blazing hot weather and sun for days, though I’m certain as soon as that happens I’ll start complaining about that, too!


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I swear!  I know I’ve been terribly, terribly remiss about posting here, but that’s all going to change right now. 

The little plot at my CSA is coming along very nicely.  I’ve got almost everything planted.

Here’s what I’ve put in over the last few weeks:

2 Varieties of fingerling potatoes (Russian Bananna and French Fingerling)- These are both doing excellent!  Lush, thick foliage and growing incredibly quickly.  I’ve already mounded them once.  I also planted some marigolds along with them because I’m terrified of Colorado Potato Beetles.  I’ve been diligently checking the leaves for eggs, but so far haven’t found any.  Maybe I’ll get lucky!

Alisa Craig Exhbition onion plants- don’t know how many I planted- maybe 70 or so?  Quite a few of them didn’t survive, but I think I’ve still got around 50 going

King Richard Leeks- Spent some time rescuing these from the weeds today.  They are still small.  I’ve heard leeks are difficult to grow but I hope I’ll get lucky with these.  I just adore leeks so very much.

8 Ball Zuchini- 3 plants

Eggplants (can’t remember the variety)- 3 plants

Flat Leaf Parsley- 2 plants

Dill- 4 plants

And today I planted:

12 Okra plants – Annie Oakley-  These are NOT the okra that I started.  Those fell to the double whammy of terrible germination and then 4 days of me out of town and now water- dead as they could be.  But yesterday a friend of mine surprised me with a gift of Okra!  She had seen them at a gardening center near her and remember my plight, so she got them for me.  How exciting!  Perhaps I will have Okra after all!

Corn- Don’t know the variety- these came from the seed swap that I talked about a few months ago.  I only planted a tiny stand of 16 kernels in a 4X4 patter for better polination.  We’ll see how they do.

Speckeled Glory Butterbeans- only had 12 seeds (these were a welcome gift from a friend of mine in South Carolina) so I planted them all.  I hope they do well.  Butterbeans would be a delightful treat.

Cannelinni beans- 16 seeds.  These are also from the seed swap.  We’ll see how they do.

I still have plans to put in my pole beans, but so far I haven’t done anything about the support for them.  I better hurry up, though!  Already June 8th.

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