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Harvest Monday!

I had some decent harvests this week, though I ridiculously don’t have any pictures to show (my camera charger took an unexpected trip to Virginia and I won’t be down there to retrieve it until the 14th so I’m nervous about using it too much!). 

I harvested a total of about 20 lbs of tomatoes this week and 6 pints of sungolds.  Still a little frustrating, because I have SO MUCH green fruit and it just isn’t ripening.  GRR!  C’mon, plants!  Show me what you’ve got!

Zucchinis are finally coming around.  I’ve lost ALL of my big 8 ball plants to fusarium wilt, but luckily it hasn’t touched my other varieties.  They were slow to take off, but they are starting to set fruit pretty heavily now, so maybe it won’t be a total loss on that front this year.  I harvested about 12 lbs of zucs this week.

On Saturday I finally gave my peppers some attention and liberated them out of weeds that are chest high (no joke…it’s embarassing).  Despite being entirely shaded and starved, I harvested 2 pints of serrano peppers and one single, giant Italico.   The serranos especially are covered in little peppers and still flowering, so they are doing remarkably well despite their abandonment.  Bless you, little peppers…

And I finally, FINALLY have beans.  I harvested a small handful of fortex beans which I ate raw standing in the garden.  I have some nice rattlesnake pole beans that should be ready today.  The rest are flowering like crazy, so I think this may be my last week where I’m not overwhelmed by bean picking, but that makes me happy.  Picking beans is my favorite gardening task!

Ah- I did take a trip down to Jeff’s restaurant on Saturday to deliver a box of veggies, and I got there right as they were sending some of my tomatoes out to customers!  I was SO EXCITED to see my veggies making their way to someone’s table!  I hope they liked them!

Head on over to Daphne’s to share your harvest!


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New link

I just addded a new link to my blogroll- The Slow Cook.

I’ve been reading this blog for a while and I’ve meant to add it, but…well…I guess I just didn’t!

It’s fast become one of my favorites and I find the cooking very inspirational.  I particularly love it because they live in an urban environment (DC), but manage to procure much of their food locally (and in many cases from the back yard).  The food is thoughtful and loved and the true joy of cooking with wonderful ingredients is evident.

I hope y’all will take a moment to check out this wonderful blog (if you aren’t already reading it…).

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