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Sec. of Agriculture

Michael Pollan for Secretary of Agriculture!

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Posty, posty

OK, I know…three posts in a day…odd.  I’ve been very, very busy and I’m sorry to say that my blogging has gone by the wayside.  However, that doesn’t mean I’ve not been doing anything.

I am working on some upcoming posts for the next couple of weeks.  They include:

-Finally planting my garlic!  Yes!  I really, finally did it!

-Suprprising generosity from a fellow blogger

-My “root cellar”

-A recap of my growing season this year

So, you know, stay tuned!

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Oh, y’all!  I got a blog award!  My very first.



Thank you so very, very much to Children in the Corn  (which is a blog I LOVE!) for falling for me!

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Dear Gods of Weather

Please do not take your wintry vengence upon me.  I see you punishing my fellow bloggers, but I don’t know why!

What do I need to sacrifice to you to assure me of warm weather and no snow?  I don’t think I can take flurries just yet.  Please wait until December at least!

I don’t want to end up like these guys!

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The seeds are off!

OK, Howling Hill!  I’m sorry to say that I missed my two week deadline by 1 day, but I did finally mail the seeds off today at lunch. 

Here’s what I took:

1 complete packet of Dill

1 complete bag of Cannelinni beans

And then about 20 seeeds each of:


Kandy King Corn

Black Turtle Beans

Here’s what I put in:

A big bag of Egyptian (Walking) Onions

White Cleome (what I call “firecracker flowers”  I don’t know the real common name)

An almost full packet of Yellow Crookneck Squash

An almost full packet of Long Island Brussels Sprouts


I’m very excited about the Okra, which I’m skeptical about growing here but I’m sure going to give it a try!  It will be worth it for one small handful of fried okra.  Also, the dill, because we spent a small fortune on dill this year and didn’t make anywhere near the number of pickles that we wanted to make.  Next year I’m dill pickling EVERYTHING! 

Now my seeds are off to Allie and Allie’s Answers!  How exciting!  I can’t wait to see what she choose.  Enjoy, Allie!  (PS:  Pick my walking onions, they are AWESOME!)

(Don’t have any idea what I’m talking about?  Why, it’s the seed swap!)

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This Historic Moment

Like I said, I’ll keep politics out of this blog, but if you want to know how I, as a historian (did y’all know that I’m a historian?), feel about what happened last night, please check out my personal blog, Tayloropolis.

And there isn’t anything incendiary or aggressive in that post.  So if you’re hurting about the election yesterday, don’t feel like you have to avoid it.  In fact, it’s written mostly for you.

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Today’s the day!

Don’t forget to vote!  Pete and I are going today after work.  I’m bracing for long lines!

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