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Here’s my cute little harvest from yesterday afternoon:

Lots of tomato varieties!  I think I’ve gotten at least one tomato off of all my plants now, with the stars being the Black Sea, Black Sea Man, and Sungolds.  That big, gorgeous yellow one is the Azoychka, but this is only the third tomato I’ve picked so far.   They aren’t doing well.  Hardly any more fruit set and not growing much either.

I’ve also got some zuchinni there- all 8-Balls.   My Zucs are disappoing this year.  The plants are mostly still VERY small with the exception of 5 of my 8-ball plants, but those are now being stricken with what I think is the same Fusarium Wilt that killed off some of my tomatoes early on.  I thought it was Squash Vine Borers (same symptoms) but when I cut open the stems there was nary a sight of them.  Very sad.  I’m pretty bummed. 

I also dug the first potatoes yesterday, mostly because I was just curious to see what they were doing.  The week or so of VERY hot weather and no rain stopped them in their tracks about two weeks ago and I haven’t seen any new growth.  Most of them never even bloomed.  I dug some up to see what they looked like.  Well-formed tubers, but not many.  What you see there is the result of THREE plants. 

I did have one little victory!  Remember that big Black Sea tomato I posted a few weeks ago?  Well, he finally ripened:

He had some cracking around the top, but the bottom was beautiful- and don’t you love those striations?

He was heavy, too!

That may be the record for this year!  I have  yet to see any that are that big on the vines so far, but we’ll see. 

Share your harvests!  Check out Daphne and tell us what you’re growing!


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Harvest Monday!

I spent an incredible 5-day weekend in Vermont (and yes, it was quite hot even up there) and came home to a nice harvest!    Not only did I harvest my first zucchinis (8-Ball and Plato- the Cashflow’s have a few small fruits on them but not big enough to harvest just yet.  Disappointing, considering it was billed as an “early” type.  Slow to mature AND bad germination?  If they don’t end up as heavy producers, I wont be growing those again), but I also got a nice handful of Sungolds and two pints of wineberries (nope, those aren’t raspberries!  I’ll tell you more about them tomorrow!) and the most exciting thing- I found a new blackberry patch!  They are quite large and pretty tasty- a little tart but still good for out of hand eating, which is different from the other blackberries we have growing here.  I’m SUPER excited to have these!  Blackberry cobbler is in my future in a few weeks!

And what are you growing?  Head over to Daphne’s and let us know!

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Well, I actually forgot it was monday until I checked my feed reader and saw all of the Harvest Monday photos out there!  Whoopsie!

Not too much to report this week except for one big victory:  Dah da da dahhhh!

Yup.  I got maters!   These are, of course, Sungolds- the ever reliable.  But I picked the first handful of them on June 29th!!  Tomatoes!  In June!  Amazing…

Everyday I get a handful.  I have yet to summon up the courage to try one.  I have a feeling this year will not be the year of the tomato for me, but apparently it will be the year of the tomato for my garden, which is producing early.

No blushes of ripeness on any of the others yet, though about 70% of the Arkansas Travelers have turned a gorgeous, buttery yellow.  Soon!

There were some berries- mostly of the blue variety- but a terrifying incident with a snake (more on that later) has kept me out of the berry patch for several days now, so I have nothing more than a few handfuls to show of those.

But!  Tomatoes!  Victory!

Care to share what you’re harvesting?  Go visit Daphne!

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Berries, berries, berries.  In other words:  BEST HARVEST EVER!   The cultivated blueberries are ripening, the black raspberries are in full gear, and I am in heaven.  I adore berries.  They are my favorite fruits.  And I buy them exactly never, because I cannot believe how expensive they are (and they are usually gross from the supermarket anyway).  I’ve been going out ever day and harvesting the berries as they ripen.  We don’t have a lot, especially since the blueberries are only starting, so I’ve been freezing my daily harvests until I have enough to make some jam.  At the moment I’ve probably picked about 2 pints. 

Most days I forget to bring a vessel out to the garden with me (as I’m usually running into the garden the moment I get out of my car) so lots of my shirts have berry stains on them now.  Oh well!

I did a lot of weeding last week (though not nearly enough…sigh) so I actually got a nice veggie harvest when I cleared a big patch of Purslane from the base of my watermelon plants.   Wait?  Purslane?  That vigorous weed?   Yup- if you haven’t tried Purslane already, you really should.  I think it is quite tasty, and I hate most greens, and on top of that it is CRAZY good for you.  And it makes weeding a little more fun.   Toss it into a salad, soup, or stir-fry. 

I think Purslane is a particularly beautiful plant- that shimmer isn’t a trick of the light.  The succulent leaves literally sparkle. 

Want to share your harvests?  Go see Daphne!

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Harvest Monday

Harvest’s are still small here- almost everything I’m growing is later season.  No snow peas or broccoli for us (WAHHHHHH!).

The only thing I’m reliably getting now is Asparagus (can’t cry about that one!) and a few bright treats.

I’ve gotten about two handfuls of berries so far (I’m very scientific with my measurements, as you can see)- each one immediately and joyfully eaten right in the garden- and still about two bunches of asparagus a week.  Though this week I let it go a few days without checking on it.  Thanks to that- and our steady rain- I figured out why they are called asparagus spears.

Tall, but still delicious!

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Yep- we’re actually getting fresh food out of the garden already, but it isn’t really my doing- these are all plants that went in way before me.

That asparagus bed was REALLY happy about our recent weeding, and it is rewarding us with an impressive harvest even this early.  Now I’ve never grown asparagus before, so I’m not sure if it is typical or not, but I swear some of those spears are growing INCHES in one day.  It boggles!  I haven’t been keeping track, but I’ve harvested easily over a pound of asparagus, I think.

I’m also harvesting chives (yummmmmm!), which are a few days away from bursting into bloom.  They are positively laden with chive blossoms, and I’ve been googling away trying to figure out what to use them for.  I think I’ll make some chive vinegar and some chive butter.  Stay tuned!

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