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One of the BEST things about this little farm is that there is already a lovely berry patch that is well-established.  I don’t have to to anything- just walking through it occasionally while wistfully sighing about the prospect of fresh blueberries.  It’s hard work being a gardener, let me tell you!

The blueberries are covered with rapidly-growing fruit:

The raspberries are laden under their bounty:

And the ENORMOUS Concord grape vine has so many fruit clusters on it I am honestly worried about the strength of the branches:

And if all of this wasn’t enough, the entire swath of plants along the side of the garden is wild blueberries- probably a parcel about 400 x 20 feet.  It is a sea of tiny, delicious bundles of joy:

I have so much to look forward to!


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Wow guys- sorry about that !   I just vanished with no explanation- and I actually have a REALLY good one!  I was in Wales!

I went with my parents.  We were there for two weeks and it was incredible.  I’ll post a few picture from my trip that I took just for you guys, but first I wanted to drop in and just let you know I’m still around!  One of the best things about the trip was getting home and seeing this:

Oh yes, that is a freshly plowed (and tilled!) field, just itching to be chock full o’ plants.  And it is getting there!  I’ve busted my hump since Tuesday (my first day back) and almost everything is planted now!  Still got lots of work to do- but my garden is finally getting started.  WOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

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Yep- we’re actually getting fresh food out of the garden already, but it isn’t really my doing- these are all plants that went in way before me.

That asparagus bed was REALLY happy about our recent weeding, and it is rewarding us with an impressive harvest even this early.  Now I’ve never grown asparagus before, so I’m not sure if it is typical or not, but I swear some of those spears are growing INCHES in one day.  It boggles!  I haven’t been keeping track, but I’ve harvested easily over a pound of asparagus, I think.

I’m also harvesting chives (yummmmmm!), which are a few days away from bursting into bloom.  They are positively laden with chive blossoms, and I’ve been googling away trying to figure out what to use them for.  I think I’ll make some chive vinegar and some chive butter.  Stay tuned!

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I had high hopes for the weekend!  The weather was going to be gorgeous, rain is predicted for this morning- the perfect weekend to plant.  Also, I have onions and potatoes that are practically screaming at me to put them in the ground, and I hate the sound of screaming vegetables…

We’ve been having issues with the tiller.  For about two weeks it has been at the shop in need of a new carburetor, so I’ve been pacing back and forth eager to have it back so we can bust up the sod that is covering my lovely little field.  Well, we got it back this weekend, so I was all excited to be able to finally turn over the soil and get those plants in the ground!

And it didn’t work.

I don’t mean the tiller- it worked fine.  What didn’t work was it being able to bust through the sod.  Even Britt, who has gardened over here for a couple of years tried it, and she said she’s never seen the grass so sturdy.  All I can think is our very wet and recently-warmed spring has thrown everything into high gear and the grass has grown thick and lush.  Lucky us!  The tiller just laughed and skittered along the top of the sod, doing nothing.

Ann suggested that we go a few houses down and talk to the neighbors.  Apparently their son just got a new plow for his tractor and he is itching to use it.  He wasn’t there when we stopped by, but his dad assured us that he would LOVE to plow for us, so hopefully he’ll be able to stop by some afternoon this week and give us a head start.

And then- MAYBE- I’ll finally get to plant these potatoes!

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