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My first crop

I planted my first crop of the year today, and it’s an experiment:  Okra!

I LOVE Okra.  Well, I should say that I love fried Okra.  There aren’t really many other ways that I like it, though a few pieces in a little gumbo never hurt me.  You can occasionally find it up here, but it is outrageously expensive.

Now this certainly isn’t Africa- Okra’s homeland- and it isn’t Alabama (which is a heck of a lot closer to Africa than Massachusetts!), but I’m going to try my hardest to grow some this year.  Any of you New Englanders ever try growing it?  Was it a failure?

I started three varieties today- Alabama and Cowhorn, two heirloom varieties that were sent to me last year by my dear friend Liz who works at a historic site in South Carolina with a big heirloom garden (she sent me lots of other goodies too, and I can’t wait to get them planted!) and also a mystery variety that I got in Howling Hill’s seed swap.   HH, do you know what variety they were?  I think I was the first stop off of your seed swap this year, so they must have come from you!

So they are sitting pretty in my window sill- we’ll see how they do.  I may have even planted them too early.  Daddy tells me that he direct sows his in May (which means it is already steadily in the 80s and 90s but here it is still coolish).  I did save seeds of each variety in case it doesn’t work but I do hope it does.  Even if I can get one big handful of freshly fried Okra, I’ll consider it a success!


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I have a garden!

Hooray!  I confirmed this weekend that I will have a garden!  My CSA is letting me have a plot for myself, so I’m thrilled to be able to have something to post about again.

The location is at the top of a hill, so the drainage will be excellent.  I haven’t actually been out to dig around in the soil yet, so I’m not sure what the quality is, but last year it was an area used for peas and squash, so it can certainly support life.  The location is full sun, but I’m concerned about how early it will be up for planting.  There isn’t a windbreak or anything in the vicinity.  Has anyone ever grown on the top of a bare hill before?  Anythign you noticed about grown in a location like that?

 It’s supposed to rain today, but I’m going to go over soon and take some pictures so I can do all of my planning with you.


Now, if only I can find some potatos and onion seedlings!  They all seem to be sold out everwhere!

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