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New link

I just addded a new link to my blogroll- The Slow Cook.

I’ve been reading this blog for a while and I’ve meant to add it, but…well…I guess I just didn’t!

It’s fast become one of my favorites and I find the cooking very inspirational.  I particularly love it because they live in an urban environment (DC), but manage to procure much of their food locally (and in many cases from the back yard).  The food is thoughtful and loved and the true joy of cooking with wonderful ingredients is evident.

I hope y’all will take a moment to check out this wonderful blog (if you aren’t already reading it…).


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Maybe too locavore?

I’m all for eating local and preserving local foodscapes, but this seems a little extreme, no?

At least it’s Italy, I guess.  Imagine it being Scotland and everyone forced to eat Haggis and Black Pudding all the time.

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