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The Tally

About three weeks ago Pete and I emptied our entire chest freezer to take stock of what we had in there.  (The idea of me keeping track of what we had as I put it in was noble, but misguided.  Who was I kidding!?)  It was a surprising list, in that I had much more than I thought, and I was going to update my “tally” tab with what we were storing.  Problem is, during this past three weeks, it’s walked off!  If I ever track it down again, I’ll post it!


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I’ve just added a new tab at the top of this page called “preserved.”  This is an ongoing tally list of what I’ve managed to put up for the upcoming winter and what I’d still like to do.  It needs to get much larger in the next couple of months or I fear I will spend the next eight months blizzarded (shut up, it’s a word!) in and will only survive by gnawing on leather straps and eating my candles.  (That might be a slight exagerration.)

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